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“If energy efficiency technology saves you so much

money,it should pay for itself. ” (Light As A Service)

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About ECSi Light as A Service (LaaS)

From a customer’s perspective, what we saw was a disjointed, noisy market with lots of participants offering all sorts of energy efficiency technology and consultancy services. But there was one common thread – everybody wanted to be paid before the client experienced any savings. This old-fashioned approach to business was clearly the barrier to the widespread adoption of technology which would reduce energy consumption.

And like many companies, we were fed up with energy charlatans who were letting their clients down. Others were promising outlandish savings and were long gone with their client’s money when it became evident that the savings weren’t being realised.

The technology which kept cropping up in our initial conversation was LED lighting. It was a given that LED lights delivered better light quality, lower energy consumption, and lower running costs. But quality LED lights were still prohibitively expensive.

So we decided to do something about it.

After all, most businesses just want it not to be dark, so why invest an inordinate amount of time, energy (pardon the pun) and money in LED lighting when all you really need is light?

Behind every environmental problem there is a faulty business model


Solution for light?

So we started looking at how we could fix a business model which has been around since Edison invented the lightbulb in 1879 – and which hasn’t been improved upon since.


What is Technology ?

We asked ourselves: Why was the technology still being sold as a product?


We asked ourselves: Why was the technology still being sold as a product?

  • LED lighting saves 75%+ in energy costs – creating immediate & long term cash flows
  • Long-term cash flows underpin the world’s most successful companies – so why not ours
  • The savings from LED lighting are so big that they can provide a return for both end users AND investors
  • After reducing consumption via LEDs, it then makes sense to start looking at renewable energy

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Benefit 1 – Benefits of Ezy-Si LED

ECSi fits buildings with high-quality Ezy-Si light technology by working exclusively with our in-house R&D engineers and external manufacturers to ensure each tube comes with long lifetimes and suitable for the usage of each given buildings. We set high standards for illuminance, light color and color rendering index. Our lighting is fully dimmable and even conforms to electrical standards by Sirim Malaysia.

We test the components, the attachment of the PCBs, and the forward current.


Benefit 2 – Cheaper Light

Our customers don’t invest, but start saving immediately. They pay a fixed yearly fee, 15 to 40 percent below the current cost of lighting. This includes new lamps, the required electricity, replacement and maintenance.

We realize the cost savings by designing an efficient lighting system, sourcing directly and at large quantity, and sharing the proceeds of recycling and re-use with you.

You are buying light instead of the hardware ie.lamps, we shoulder the investment in technology. To do this we co-operate with our financial partner Maybank..


Benefit 3 – Cleaner Light

ECSi LaaS uses lighting with optimal energy consumption. To add to the energy savings, we install sensors to dim the lights and create ‘dynamic savings’. The result: a 50 to 80 percent reduction in CO2 emissions. Moreover, we are a specialist in long-life lighting. Thus we lower raw material use for the production of fixtures and systems.

At the end of the fixtures’ lifetime, we take care of recycling and re-use. Our customers have more than just clean light: they also encourage the circular economy when they buy our light.


Benefit 4 – No Concerns

With ECSi LaaS you are not paying for a product or a promise, but for light you have actually consumed. We provide this service on a no save, no pay basis. We think that’s fair, it keeps us on our toes, and it gives us a lasting reason to light up your building and cut your cost.

You are completely relieved of any concerns. We take all the steps toward better, cleaner and cheaper light. Starting with a cost analysis, we arrange installation and ensure proper operation for 5 to 10 years.


Our Approaches



Step 1. Analysis
Together we analyze the quality and cost of your lighting. Your wishes and the prevailing standards (ISO/IEC etc.) are catalogued, as well as the current system’s usage and maintenance costs.
The analysis will quickly reveal whether LED Lease can create improvements and/or cost savings for your organization. We consider usage hours, electricity tariffs, maintenance costs, and in case of existing systems, the current types of fixture.


Step 2. Light plan

Based on your wishes and the type of space, we design a light plan. Such a 3D simulation yields insights into the light distribution and intensity.

The simulation calculates illuminance values and shadows, taking account of technical specifications such as beam angles. A light plan is mainly useful for large-scale renovations and building projects in which the lighting structure is still undecided.

“We provide this service on a no save, no pay basis. We think that’s fair, it keeps us on our toes, and it gives us a lasting reason to light up your building and cut your cost.”


About Food Roger

Food Roger is our food delivery service that brings great food from local restaurants, straight to the doorsteps of hungry customers.

Your order’s total cost includes the price of the menu items plus a delivery fee. The delivery fees help us pay our driver partners, and provide the best service possible.

Food Roger is a service that connects local food businesses to people. Food Roger has always brought people to things that matter to them, and we are now committed to bringing things that matter closer to people. When you place an order with Food Roger, we receive it, send it off to the restaurant and assign a Food Roger delivery-partner to pick up the order to bring it to you.

Food Roger accepts a variety of payment methods like online transfer from bank account and Food Roger Pay Credits. Cash payment will be accepted in exceptional cases ie. client has no access to all the above method mentioned earlier.

Note  Android Pay and Alipay are not accepted for Food Roger yet.

Food Roger Hall

THE NEW ERA OF MALAYSIAN HAWKERS are elevating hawker food, bringing you restaurant quality food, and choices with hawker stalls price and convenience.


With 9 kitchens and specialty chat, ayam penyet, bokso, mee rebus to Korean F-chicken / US Pizza and 2 epic drink stations championing healthy home-made spritz/ drink, this vibrant and diverse space is bringing your dining experience to a different level but at the fraction of the fine restaurant price.


based on the success story at Nation University at Singapore.

Food Roger delivery Apps is an intergral part of it’s ambition to bring to you gastronomical dining experience, with NO Queque when ordering food and hassle free. It takes only 15 minutes, click order 15 minutes before going out lunch. Food is served when you reached the stall.

Many more benefits:-
10 meals FREE 1 meal – made possible with Ezy-USE tracker.
Daily notification for Early Bird Discount
Daily notification for Early 50% Discount “Bungkus Balik”
FREE usage at event area with projector and karaoke system (available after 6pm)
Subject to availability.
WORK @ Home Away From Home

It has been designed to provide compelling space, atmosphere to install the feeling at working home. Now, this is where you can do your brainstorming sessions and work minus the stress. This is what we call “Balance Lifestyle at work”.

You can work at our high bar work station with USB port and plug for charging laptop.

Group discussion at our “Discussion POD”


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